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Our journey began in 1992

Since 1992, C. A. I. has provided convenience and peace of mind for doctors and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). We proudly enable professionals to take part in TCM’s refined history stemming from thousands of years ago. Today, TCM’s continually proven and improved practices are essential to China’s national healthcare system. As one of the leading distributors for TCM supplies in the United States, C. A. I.’s products have helped countless customers maintain their health and wellness without the costs or side effects of Western medicine.

Highest quality

Building upon the diligent work of generations of TCM pioneers before us, C. A. I. products are made in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring they meet or exceed safety standards and are of the highest quality. To meet the growing requirements of our users, C. A. I. offers a wide product range at competitive prices and friendly customer service you can always count on. We are committed to working together with members of the TCM community as we look forward to the health and wellness of all.

Brands we stock

For acupuncture needles:

*Chinese type acupuncture needles:

Smart C type-painless design, Cloud & Dragon-traditional, LEKON-traditional, and   Expert-traditional;

*Korean type acupuncture needles:

Smart K type-painless design, Expert-painless design and DBC-painless design;

*Japanese type acupuncture needles:

Prime-painless design and Seirin-painless design.

For herbal products:

*TCM classic collection

LEKON Gold Classic formula-highly concentrate

LEKON Gold Plus formula-extra concentrate

*TCM modern collection

Green World brand formulas are made in USA herbal formulas.

*Single herbs and formula collection

LEKON concentrated granules

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