Ba Zheng San (5:1/100g); Eight Rectification Formula 八正散

Ba Zheng San (5:1/100g); Eight Rectification Formula 八正散


ENGLISH NAME: Eight Herb Powder for Rectification
CLINICAL INDICATIONS: Ba Zheng Pian is a regarded ancient Chinese medicine that clears the urinary tract and promotes urination. The herbal remedy is the most recommended by Chinese herbalists for clearing Heat and Dampness from the bladder in cases of “Lin Syndrome” presenting with burning sensations in passing urine and dark-colored urine.
INGREDIENTS (daily amount of raw herb in gram):

Plantago Seed (Che Qian Zi) 3.46g, Caulis Akebiae (Mu Tong) 3.46g, Herba Dianthi (Qu Mai) 3.46g, Polygonum Herb (Bian Xu) 3.46g, Talcum (Hua Shi) 3.46g, Licorice (Gan Cao) 3.46g, Gardenia Fruit (Zhi Zi) 3.46g, Rhubarb (Da huang) 3.46g, Juncus Effusus pith (Deng Xin Cao) 2.31g.

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