Mu Xiang Shun Qi Pian/Qi Smooth for Stomach 木香順氣片

Mu Xiang Shun Qi Pian/Qi Smooth for Stomach 木香順氣片

SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement, take 3~6 tablets twice a day with warm water, or consult your health care practitioner.
PACKAGE: 200 tablets/bottle
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Mu Xiang (Costus Root), Sha Ren (Chinese Amomum), Xiang Fu (Cyperus), Fo Shou (Finger Citron Fruit), Chen Pi (Tangerine), Lai Fu Zi (Turnip Seed), Hou Po (Magnolia), Li Zhi He (Leechee Nut), Cang Zhu (Atractylodes), Gan Cao (Licorice), Sheng Jiang (Ginger).

Uses For:

Clinical Applications: Indigestion, epigastric or abdominal distension, poor appetite, borborygmus, loose or erratic stools, sensitivity to cold foods.

Therapeutic Actions: Tonifies spleen qi, raises spleen yang, dispels damp, harmonizes liver and stomach, counters ascent of stomach qi.

成分 : 木香,砂仁,醋香附,炒青皮,陈皮,莱菔子,姜厚朴,炒枳壳,炒苍术,甘草,生姜。

適用於 : 行气化湿,健脾和胃。用于湿浊中阻、脾胃不和所致的胸膈痞闷、脘腹胀痛、呕吐恶心、暧气纳呆。

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1 Bottle, 1 Dozen (12 Bottles)


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