LK Skin Pure (for External)

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LK Skin Pure
Safe and effective formula contains all natural herb ingredients.
Helps to solve most skin problems:
  • Acne, eczema, rash, shingles, rosacea, impetigo & dermatitis.
  • Ulcer or wound on the skin surface.
  • Coldsore or inflammation of tooth root.
  • Fungus, insect bites.
  • Minor vaginal irritation, feminine itching, vaginitis, yeast infection for both man & women.

Huang Qin, Huang Bo, Da Huang, Ku Shen.
  1. Pour 100cc warm water with 10~15 grams of LK Skin Pure powder (or scale by ratio).
  2. Apply LK Skin Pure solution with a Q-Tip to needed areas.



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